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How I Started...


Thank you for embarking on this photographic journey with me. Photography for me has always been a haven, a safe place where I can escape and capture what's in my minds eye.


Looking back over the years I realize how lucky I was to have been exposed to the in's and out's of  Film Photography and Processing early  in High School. I certainly would have been a different photographer and overall different person had I not had this learning experience.

I furthered my passion for photography and the studio arts graduating with a BFA from California State University, Northridge. You could count to always find me with the vintage Minolta camera my father gave me.

My Style is Bright, Bold, Candid & Full of Expression.  I love capturing & documenting different landscapes, cultures and people & truly believe everyone has something to offer.

Capturing the Best Moments in Life!-

Cristina Muñoz Brown | CaptivatingPIX 

“Every artistic endeavor is approached differently, where some of the time the paint or photo guides it’s self! I love the mystery not knowing what I might end up with!” 

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